Monday, 5 October 2015

Outlook to Mac Mail Converter

Is the Fear of Losing Contacts Stopping You from Switching Outlook to Mac Mail?

Can You End Up Losing Contacts while Switching from Outlook to Mac Mail?

To be honest, this is one possibility if the method if import is not efficacious. Contacts are one very important part of anyone’s email, and when it comes to profession, one cannot afford to lose even one contact. So, what is the way out? There definitely has to be one. 

Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool is that one way out which import contacts from Outlook to Mac Mail most safely and makes the conversion a safe as well as a convenient task. It not only promised to keep your contacts but each bit of your Outlook data safe and makes it fully compatible with those email clients that support EML format. 

The Promise of Safe Outlook to Mac Mail Import by Digital Tweaks
Digital Tweaks offers each of its products with a promise, a promise of safety, convenience and speed. Apple Mail Import Tool offers three guarantees for you – safe import; 50 times the speed than a normal tool; and the simplest of user interfaces. And this is how the tool makes it possible:

·         Use of Unicode Conversion

Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool uses Unicode conversion to import contacts from Outlook to Apple Mail along with other data in the account. This kind of conversion makes sure that all data is aptly converted before import. And so the results are accurate.

·         Use of the State-of-the-Art Technology to Split PST Files

Digital Tweaks has infused Apple Mail Import Tool with the state-of-the-art technology that enables it to analyse the PST files before it can load them for import from Outlook PST to Mac Mail. It does so to find out if there are any swollen or corrupt files at the source itself. If such files are found, which is most likely the case; it recovers and repairs the files by bifurcating them into two parts. This is how, all results are retrieved exactly.