Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Five Things which You must Remember while you Export Exchange Mailbox to PST

Export Exchange Mailbox to PST
If you are new to mail migration and to MBOX to PST conversion in particular, then you should be reading this blog for sure. Mail migration can be a complex and taxing task if you do not take correct measures to avert the risks. Here, you will read about five things that you should make sure before you head on to convert MBOX to PST.

Ensure this before You Exchange Export Mailbox to PST:

1.       That you have the minimum basic knowledge of what you are heading into. Your decision of migration should be durable. You can do so by acquainting yourself in some measure with the destination email client.
2.       That you choose a befitting means - one that makes your task easy and efficient. If you are in for manual export of Mailbox to PST, we take it for granted that you must be well-versed with it. Else, the best option is an automated MBOX to PST converter.
3.       That if you choose the automated means, make sure that it guarantees zero data loss, total Unicode support, customisation and time-efficient performance.
4.       That you should try the free demo versions of a couple of top rated converters before you actually invest on a full license version.
5.       That after you export exchange Mailbox to PST with an automated tool, you should check the results in your new email client.
6.       That a cross-platform email client migration is actually a typical task of done manually. The ways and means that you adopt to do it will decide the rate of success. 
So, if you are now planning to head towards exporting Apple Mail to Outlook, these pointers should definitely help you pull through it in one go. 

Export Exchange Mailbox to PST