Saturday, 11 July 2015

From Mac Mail to Windows Outlook– the Best Export Mailbox to PST Solution

Digital Tweaks Offers the Best Export Mailbox to PST Solution:

Believe you, me! Switching from Mac Mail to Windows Outlook is not small decision. If you decide to export Mailbox the thing of utmost importance here should be your most valuable email data. For a professional, losing email data can be nothing less than a catastrophe. 

In a situation where this transition becomes unavoidable (because willingly, hardly anyone would want to switch from it), the first thing that you should do is look for the best export Mailbox to PST free tool.  But, this is not your final finding. That, evidently, should be the paid tool. You must choose a free version to try and test it before you can settle on the best solution to this migration. Once you export Mailbox free, you will be in a position to either to embrace it or discard it. You can keep doing it until you find the best one.

Export Mailbox
I did the same and found Digital Tweaks Mailbox to PST Export Tool to be the most efficient in operation besides being way faster than other tools of its type. I could export Mailbox to PST Outlook before my coffee could go cold. So, it is totally recommended. 

Features of Good Automated Export Mailbox Tool:

I personally recommend Digital Tweaks,however, if you want to look further, do make sure your converter does the following:
·         Takes only a few seconds (a few minutes, at the most)
·         Doesn’t require too much of technical information
·         Doesn’t result in data corruption
·         Recognises and retains Unicode content. (double type data like in non-English scripts)
·         Lends the ease of customised conversion
·         Does offer a free trial version

I am sure you can find a good converter now. 

Export Mailbox to PST