Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A Certain Way-Out to Convert PST File to Thunderbird Format

Every email client requires a compatible file format version to store data without a hitch. Approaching Outlook client, we see that the entire data is kept in PST files (.pst), in fact it is a proprietary format for Outlook Windows. But Thunderbird doesn’t understand this file format. De facto, through this email client the users can retrieve data in a certain platform that is dissimilar to PST. There is no direct way or a command that can help the users import PST data in Thunderbird. The users must have Outlook platform installed on their systems to retrieve the entire content conveniently.

Except that the condition of installing the Outlook on system, if the user wants to gain access to PST files from Thunderbird Mac, then how to do it? Is there any other way to convert PST file to Thunderbird Mac format, so that the user can continue approaching his own choice of platform and can also keep his previous data intact?

With the technology headway, we all have astounding solutions to get done with distinctive kinds of web problems. Certainly, we can also handle the conversion between email client applications exactly and smoothly. When it needs to convert Outlook PST to Thunderbird format, we have email conversion tools available that transit the Outlook Mail files in MBOX format as per the requirements.

What the users demand for a certain solution to migrate PST to MBOX?

pst to thunderbird
There are definite requirements of all web users when they try to move from their Outlook Windows platform to Mac Thunderbird. In fact, they need to migrate the file format as well as want to approach their entire content from new platform similarly. Rather than getting stuck with a manual or complicated way out to transfer all the files and getting everything messed up, you can expect an automated utility. There are a few requirements of the users from a certain automated email migration tool, which are –

  • It must be delivering instant services to convert PST file to Thunderbird format for Mac.
  • It must be directly working on the system, rather than discovering other external utilities or a way out to complete the conversion task.
  • It must be highly flexible as well as reliable so that the users can get effective results.
  • It must be easy to use so that any user can get benefits out of it.
  • It must be preserving the data integrity by transferring the files in the respective folders, including messages, contact list, calendar etc.

Check further for additional requirements. Also find what Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool is providing to all users for migration of entire Outlook data to Thunderbird. In fact, it is a certain way out that you demand as a prime tool to migrate data instantly!