Friday, 26 December 2014

Which Email Platform You Prefer? – Outlook or Thunderbird

MS Outlook for Windows is an email client that has a control over the globe of email clients used for accessing the mail account effectively and managing the entire content exactly. No doubt, it has significant features that are useful for users to have better experience even for professional purposes, but Mozilla Corporation is offering an awesome platform i.e. Thunderbird, for making email access more convenient and efficient. Compare Outlook and Thunderbird and decide which platform is perfect than the other one.

     Cost: Certainly, every user looks for a low-cost platform to access email messages from the desktop. Thunderbird is free of cost. In fact, it doesn’t have all those features of MS Outlook 2013, but it has a number of add-ons availing the similar services. If the user doesn’t want to access the Outlook client for email exchange services, he has an excellent option Thunderbird.

         Cross platform compatibility: MS Outlook 2013 is an email client that is compatible with only Windows system versions; on the other hand, Thunderbird is a platform that can be used on distinctive systems, like Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. Additionally, the user can interface this client with Microsoft Exchange with POP3 and IMAP protocols.
     Server Address: Outlook and Thunderbird both clients have ability to find server addresses for distinctive server providers easily. The user can simply create a new account using this platform and even he wants to switch from Outlook to Thunderbird, he can easily import the contacts in it.
      Calendar: Outlook avails several calendar functionalities and provides a facility to integrate it with emails and contacts. Simply, the user can create appointments and can save them for reminders for events. It also provides creating number of emails at the same time and saves draft for each. All such facilities are offered by the Thunderbird platform also, still Outlook is better than Thunderbird for communication using mobile phones.
    Open source: Thunderbird is an open source platform and can be improved easily and appropriately. Although MS Outlook is a leader of the world of email clients, but Thunderbird is also a better choice. In fact, it is simple, stable and reliable client. Its add-ons help the users create additional functionalities for effective email management services.

After comparing both these platforms, now you must be thinking about switching from Outlook Windows to Thunderbird. You can even switch cross platform clients but need exact email conversion software. Download a competitive utility and convert PST file to Thunderbird instantly and accurately.

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